So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?

over 6 years ago from Luis da Silva, Digital Product Designer

  • Luis da SilvaLuis da Silva, over 6 years ago

    Welcome to the boat, buddy. :) Having a 2009 model?! :D Any idea of how you're going to choose your next MacBook model?

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    • Erhan D'SilvaErhan D'Silva, over 6 years ago

      My use-case is similar to yours. I rarely connect my current 15" to any external monitor so right off that bat it eliminates the 13" for me due screen space for large sketch/design documents. I also plan on some light video editing that is more personal stuff rather than client so I would need some GPU power for that. Base model for the 2017 15" MBP is my current top choice. I think the improvements are marginal between that one and the top line one in the 15".

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