Does anyone else become infuriated when they visit

over 6 years ago from Thomas Rawcliffe, Designer & Developer of stuff for people

  • Tyler Cecchi, over 6 years ago

    Infuriated? No, taking 2 seconds to click out of an ad does not get my blood boiling, especially if the content which I'm about to get for free is quality. It's when you have to navigate through an ad to get to shitty content that is bothersome.

    It is pretty disappointing to still see a lack of creative solutions when it comes to ad serving. Advertising is by most accounts interruption, which is totally fine, but I wish the timing of the interruptions was a bit more thought out rather than just hiding content behind an ad before you get even a glimpse of what you're being interrupted for, especially seeing how titles alone can be vague, if not totally misleading.

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