Fixing the terrible design and usability of financial services.

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    You’re absolutely right. Many of these principles can be applied to other institutions and verticals, and I have done just that - in areas of cyber security, bio-tech, etc., etc., yet, I try to distill the essence and approach each situation agnostically and try to get as close to the truth; customer, market environment and problem space as closely as possible.

    Yep, agreed - many just don’t switch.

    I suspect a lot of that does indeed have to do with parents helping (relationship at the bank with a banker) - also, many banks aggressively recruit college students and lock them in.

    I also suspect (in the US) - this will change with age and different financial goals.

    Many young people just aren’t that concerned yet with banking. Switching is a hassle. However, that time will come.

    Another vector to this picture is the role of those that are unbanked (no bank account at all) - and the underbanked.

    Those are especially high numbers still at this point where fintech could be play a key role in providing low income people affordable, dignified financial services.

    But yeah - "fuck banks" lol

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