Unsplash images are no longer in the public domain(creativecommons.org)

over 6 years ago from Christopher Skillicorn, Designer

  • Matt Hirsch, over 6 years ago

    Can anyone confirm this is real? Nothing on Unsplash's site makes any mention of this including their license and terms sections.

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    • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, over 6 years ago

      Hey Matt, happy to confirm that this article gets most of the points wrong. It's true that we no longer use a license called CC0 but we instead created a new license that allows for all the same uses as CC0, minus mass compiling and redistribution on a competing service. All photos can still be used for free, for commercial or personal purposes, without requiring attribution.

      We've written up a response to their claims here if it helps https://community.unsplash.com/articles/inresponsetocc

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