• Andy StoneAndy Stone, almost 6 years ago

    Man, please don't recommend "3. Steal it." as an option for a professional designer.

    Are Adobe products buggy (and do I often try to use other products when possible)? Yes.

    Do they make large, hard-to-maintain products that have lead the industry for two decades? Also yes.

    It's $50 / month for something you use to run your professional life. If you work for a company, they will buy it. If you're freelancing, it is an expense that comes with the territory.

    Outside of Adobe, there are a ton of products that you have to buy to do your job, and you don't just steal pens because you think they are overpriced. That is immoral and not something that should be propagated.

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    • John PJohn P, almost 6 years ago

      Pens don't stop working if you stop paying, I have options for many pens from many vendors for many prices not just 1 pen from 1 vendor that costs $600 a year. Dumb analogy.

      When a company has a stranglehold on an entire industry like Adobe does then how on earth can you protest their awful service? The only way is to stop paying them.

      OP asked for the cheapest ways and I answered, the sad answer is there are no fucking cheap ways it's PAY UP OR YOU CAN'T DO YOUR JOB.

      You realise my option 2 was technically stealing too right? You either get the photographers deal and live with only photoshop, find a way to technically commit fraud to get a discount or just steal it.

      Every mouthbreather who signed up for CC originally deserves slap for screwing the entire industry over.

      Disclaimer: I don't actually steal CC I'm just stating facts, but one time where the company I worked at went under and I had to get freelance in to pay rent, I fucking resented the $50 I had to pay till I got some stability back.

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