Sketch 44(

over 6 years ago from Gracjan Zlotucha, UI/UX Designer at Uproar

  • Ilya Belikin, over 6 years ago

    UPD: issues addressed in 44.1 beta

    Terrible release for us. Management of a big collection of symbols we have become impossible: Sketch 44 just hanging up on simple selection eating all the memory. Checked without any plugins and using beta as well. I reported the issue, but support just suggested us to wait for another release :/ Downgrading to 43 losing the progress we manage to make since the update. Make sure to check how Sketch 44 performs for you (open your symbols, click and drag to select a bunch of them) before you save anything in this new version and continue. It seems to work ok on small files, but painfully degrade on big well-developed sketch files with a lot of symbols.

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