I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It(medium.com)

over 6 years ago from Andrew Michael Todd, Head of Design at Bitcoin.com

  • Renee PRenee P, over 6 years ago

    I like the Sampler idea, I'd definitely use that. Looks like theres some solid thinking behind this. nice.

    As a side note (mostly just a rant), another thing I dislike about the music app is that its now's designed mainly for Apple Music subscribers, which I get, but it hinders the experience for those of us who don't. I totally get why from a commercial pov it's that way, but I wish at least there was an option to keep the bottom nav bar how it used to be (i.e. Artists / Albums / Songs) for quick switching. Its due to this that I switched to a different app entirely.

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