How to design on Google’s Pixel XL?

almost 7 years ago from Martijn Otter, Designer

  • Lee Beckwith, over 6 years ago

    Personally I'm still not convinced that using the 2.6x or 3.5x approximate sizes (412 or 416) are better than using a multiple of 360. For one thing the math seems to work out better. I'm guessing this has to do with what happens when the mocks are rendered on a physical Pixel phone screen, or maybe because developers are using 412 or 416 dp's instead of 360 dp's. Still not fully understanding the reason behind this.

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    • Gabe WillGabe Will, over 6 years ago

      Definitely with you on the math. I much prefer the numbers that multiples of 360 give me.

      However, if you're using something like Skala to preview your mocks, everything would look a little smaller in real life than in your mockups.

      If you're following the Material guidelines, this probably doesn't matter too much; you're going to be spacing things at 8dp, 16dp, 24dp, etc. regardless of how it looks on a test device.

      If you're creating your own layout guidelines, however—and you want to be sure you're seeing what the end user will see—then using the correct scale becomes more important.

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