Are design articles ruining your product?

over 6 years ago from Jake Fleming, Lead Designer @ Labelbox

  • Tom PettyTom Petty, over 6 years ago

    Totally agree — too much focus on what is or isn't right, not enough on encouraging designers to build their own 'judgement muscle', and to apply that in each situation.

    I actually wrote a post on this last year: Building the Judgement Muscle (Medium)

    A relevant snippet:

    From sketching to Sketch-ing, mocking-up to coding-up, the community has been flooded with opinions and best practices about which tool or technique to use, how, and when. If you’re just getting into the industry, it’s got to be a little daunting. From speaking to new designers, it seems the current zeitgeist has created the impression that there’s a right way to approach a problem (and with that comes the implication that there’s a wrong way). Attempts to avoid the wrong approach are leading us to focus on how to design, instead of what (or even why, but more on that another time).

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 6 years ago

      Good article, 10/10.

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    • Jake FlemingJake Fleming, over 6 years ago

      Nice, Tom! It definitely can be daunting just starting out as a designer with the amount of tools, methods and opinions. But I think that's actually a good thing. I do believe it's on the designer to form their own opinions about tools. I just think we can do a better job at writing useful articles to help people form those opinions.

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