Are design articles ruining your product?

over 6 years ago from Jake Fleming, Lead Designer @ Labelbox

  • Adam SzakalAdam Szakal, over 6 years ago

    I completely agree with you. The tools that have survived throughout the decades, probably has done so because they have been proven useful.

    The wave of hot takes on why you shouldn't use established tools are really a weird phenomena though. I feel like it's often just people trying to come up with click-baity articles – since so much has been said on why personas (or whatever they might be bashing) are useful, the easy route to generate an intersting headline is to just find a flaw of the method and blow it out of proportion, letting people know that that specific flaw is not only making you do a worse job, but also ruining your muffins in the oven, making your skin dry and making America less great.

    Or whatever.

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    • Jake FlemingJake Fleming, over 6 years ago

      I don't think just because a tool is established that it can't be phased out or rendered obsolete in favor of another. We see that all of the time. My argument is more around the misuse of those tools and blanket advice based on that misuse.

      Man, don't ruin my muffins!

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