How United Onboards New Users(

over 6 years ago from Robert Anitei, UI/UX Designer @

  • Thom StoodleyThom Stoodley, over 6 years ago

    perhaps it needs a different ending, like once you've bought, gone through security, boarded and sat down..

    oh and can you change '>>' to '>' as I thought it would take me to the end not directly next


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    • Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, over 6 years ago

      Thanks for the UI feedback -- I hadn't heard that one yet.

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    • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, over 6 years ago

      Disagree with both points.

      This was onboarding for the app. Not a full service onboarding tear down.

      '>>' was fine on it's own being shown in the right and left. Had there been another '>' present somewhere, you might have a point.

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      • Thom StoodleyThom Stoodley, over 6 years ago

        Obviously if the single arrowhead was there then there wouldn't be an issue at all. The ability to use the keyboard and type the page number is great also.

        However think back to the iconography of fast-forward and rewind. I may be wrong but I thought by just using the double arrow or quotation marks (>>), it simply translates to greater than, less than and skip.

        Pagination should be important on a onboarding site, do consider changing the arrows.

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