AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model

over 6 years ago from Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

  • alfa treze, over 6 years ago

    Maybe a little off topic. But I have a few issues with the current team libraries. For agency work where we will create new styles and components for each project. Sometimes more than one. Having all our components in a global team library is very constraining.

    What I'd really need is either global (team) libraries, for example for wireframe tools, and project libraries. Otherwise as we grow in projects it quickly becomes unmanageable.

    some categorization and view modes for the libraries will also help a lot.

    It would also be excellent to be able to import libraries. This would provide an amazing way to share reuseable assets. Either internal, external or from commercial outlets.

    I also see a clear possibility to include a store inside figma, adobe is doing this in a somewhat clunky way. But it should always support importing your libs.

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    • Dylan FieldDylan Field, over 6 years ago

      Great feedback; forwarding this on to the team! Thanks!!

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      • alfa treze, over 6 years ago

        Maybe it would be good to revisit some personas and user journeys to account for a wide variety of use cases.

        A nice way to get feedback without going overboard and adding a comment button for everyone. Would be something akin to microsoft's insider program. Where users can opt in and provide ongoing feedback to the product.

        EDIT: Just re-saw... that the feedback button is there already! Ahahah. I even used it once, 32w ago :D.

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    • Rasmus AnderssonRasmus Andersson, over 6 years ago

      Thank you for the feedback. We're working on improving the team library experience with better search and more organizational features.

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