AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model

over 6 years ago from Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

  • Travis Ray, over 6 years ago

    I'm wondering if there isn't potential for a plan more inline with Sketch? As an individual user who has 0 plans of ever being part of a team environment in Figma, I could just as easily pay 100 bucks and have Sketch, which has all of the same, plus the ability to work offline (I know Figma can do this in a weird sort of way, but I feel like it should function more like Google Drive, where we have an offline version of our directories that sync with a cloud version).

    As it stands, I enjoy having file history and Projects, but I don't need the team implementation.

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    • Dylan FieldDylan Field, over 6 years ago

      Hey Travis, today our product and price are optimized for teams, which is why we're setup this way. Appreciate the feedback and will consider this for a potential future offering, but right now we're focused on teams.

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