• Jan Willem Kolkman, over 6 years ago

    Oh man, yes! I'm a freelance webdeveloper working with freelance designers. This tool would help me a lot! An invite would be amazing!

    What pricing options are you thinking about in the feature? I don't really like high recurring payments. But if this brings the value I think it will I'd easily pay around 100 bucks one-time to use this.

    (just as a side-note. Nothing against subscription models. Just kinda hitting my limit on those)

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    • Janis VegisJanis Vegis, over 6 years ago

      Yeah, I hear many designers saying that they just can't afford to jump on another subscription, because there are so many services at the moment. But it's great to hear your opinion about this, because we're still trying to figure out the right pricing model.

      P.s. Invite sent :)

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      • Jan Willem Kolkman, over 6 years ago

        Hey Janis,

        Thanks for the invite! (as you said in another comment) I think a Sketch approach to pricing would be great!

        Recurring payment doesn't feel like so much of a burden when it's optional and it doesn't lock you out of the service after the period is over. So a year of updates seems really fair.

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