• Paco Lara, over 6 years ago

    If design is not a viable profession in the future why I should became a developer? I mean, coding and design are totally different. Yes, we both work in the digital work but that is all. When you say that to survive as a designer I have to became a developer, you are actually saying than I´m not going to be a designer any more, because if you want to be proficient in coding, believe me, you need to study hard at lest two or three years and you have to be upgrading your knowledge all the time. New technologies, new languages, new frameworks... If you want to be a pro developer you just have to be a pro developer. Beside, I did not choose design because of the money but because I love it. So, as I tell you, If design is not going to be a viable profession in a couple years (I don´t agree, by the way) maybe I´ll try to be a 3D designer (something closer to design than coding), a handcrafter, or a chef... but not a developer.

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