• Roman PohoreckiRoman Pohorecki, over 6 years ago

    1) Maeda talks about designers learning to code but maybe he should spend some time designing a legible PowerPoint presentation. https://designintechreport.wordpress.com/

    2) Have you tried reading any of his books? Try The Laws of Simplicity where he spends half the time fawning over his tenure at MIT while creating an tangle of rules that are hard to remember.

    3) While we're at it, let's take a look at Maeda's website: https://maedastudio.com/ Designers, want to chime in?

    I'll give Maeda one thing: he knows the art of self promotion. Does he have a valid point about designers learning to code? Yes, but it makes sense when they attain mastery in design and need a new challenge.

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