• Mike MulveyMike Mulvey, over 6 years ago

    I hear you. It's such a macro-level question, I find it counter-productive. Coding what? CSS? XCode? PHP? I think coding fundamentals are key. The stuff I used to do in Actionscipt (dating myself) is just as valid now as it was in the pre-iPhone world. You'll find loops, arrays, conditionals, and if-then statements everywhere.

    I feel like it's a warning where no warning is needed. If you're a digital designer, you should already be interested in code.

    For me? I like tinkering with Wordpress templates. I like customizing the CSS on my site. I like viewing the source code on new and interesting websites.

    Understanding the possibilities and limitations of technology allows me to know what I can design, and collaborate with people on my team who have the technical chops to execute it. Do I need to know how to build what I propose? Absolutely not. Would it be a huge plus if I did know how? Sure.

    But again, for me, there's a spectrum of understanding/skill.

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