• Michael Nino EvensenMichael Nino Evensen, 6 years ago

    Very well put Mike. Echoes my feelings exactly. When I first heard about Designernews I always had hopes of a thriving community of discussions and dialogue around design. Principles, methods, problems, systems tips and tricks - knowledge sharing basically. But I always felt from the start that Designernews has always largely been ruled by very junior designers posting portfolio links, no depth all fluff. I'm 32 myself and I've always wanted a place to share experiences, even work in progress and have fruitful critical / non-critical discussion about my work, but to me Designernews just isn't that. I echo the comment about Hackernews being much more active and somehow more grown up and reflected. I for one really feel that what Designernews is now really doesn't benefit the design community as a whole, especially when you compare it to the discussions happening on Hackernews, as it sort of reaffirms this superficial impression that people can have about design as a practice. I would absolutely love to log onto Designernews one day and see a big emphasised post / thread discussing in detail (or even semi-detail) why someone has made this or that choice.

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