• Ken Em, 6 years ago

    A bit yes. Two things that I notice constantly, despite being specifically spelled out as being "unwelcome stories" in the guidelines, are:

    "List-format articles, especially those intended for SEO purposes" (there are two on the Recent page as I write this)

    "... posting to the same URL multiple times in a given timeframe or exclusively to the same domain"

    That second one is especially frustrating. There is a dingus in place that alerts you if the link you are posting has already been done so. But I guess people are just ignoring that and posting anyway. So then we end up with multiple topics on the same thing.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I don't think it takes much effort to look at the Recent page to see if the thing you are going to post has been posted already, especially if it's a big news item.

    (This isn't something unique to DN. People rarely actually read the thing they are replying / posting to.)

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    • Boris KaramarovBoris Karamarov, 6 years ago

      Yes. Spam and low quality articles is a problem.

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    • Daniel CampagneDaniel Campagne, 6 years ago

      On the case of duplicated URLs, it could be detected while filling the "New Story" form. About self promotion articles, well... a voting down button may do the trick.

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      • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, 6 years ago

        Unless there's a bug in DN right now, it already does that.

        If it detects a URL that already has been posted, it will say "This story has already been posted x days ago, are you sure you want post it?" The confirmation button will then be labeled "I'm sure, post it."

        It seems to me that it's more users that are asshats.

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    • Ian WilliamsIan Williams, 6 years ago

      Wait is your name for real Ken M. ?

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