• Todd Padwick, almost 7 years ago

    Simple answer is don't...

    There are better ways to use and manage SVG icons on the web than icon fonts now. This is something I have only recently learnt myself as I used to always use icon fonts, and had the same issues you are having.

    Here is a great article on the subject: https://medium.com/etsy-design/etsys-evolving-icon-system-41c55a639be2#.1qi975bx8

    there's also a list of useful resources on implementation at the bottom of that article.

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    • Christopher Alan, almost 7 years ago

      +1 for this! Great article and agree icon fonts are good for designing fast but shouldn't be used on the web anymore. Too many people (like myself) have webfonts turned off on mobile devices to save bandwidth and speed up loading times so pages constantly look out of whack.

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