OOO – Play With Zoom, the first app from This Also(

over 6 years ago from Brett Bergeron, Found & Creative Director, ThisAlso

  • Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, over 6 years ago

    Logo reminds me of Palantir. Definitely like the minimalist layout!

    Considering our company's name comes from View Zoom (so vuzum) I'll add my thoughts. Can you in turn share some about the process of creating the app? Tools you used, process, designed at, timeframe from decision to make it to deployment and approval, tips and tricks, etc, etc. I think this stuff will help the community. :-)

    Some things I think I would improve are: a) the interface that asks for permissions - it feels like friction to ask 3 permissions when you first sign-in the app. It can be on a single screen or delayed further.

    b) it's not clear what the progress bar / number at the bottom does

    c) the music library is very short. It could be larger and a different way to see more items at once would, in that case, be useful

    Overall it's a new kind of interaction that I have not seen explored and I hope it will catch on!

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