How to get more freelance projects?

almost 7 years ago from Kubilay Sapayer, UI / UX Designer

  • Shina Memud, almost 7 years ago

    "Sometimes you have to swallow your pride - When you provide true value to clients you’ll be rewarded. Sometimes you’ll just have to start a bit lower down the food chain to be able to show them your true value."

    I have used and keep using this strategy for many years ... works 100% for me

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    • Anton StenAnton Sten, almost 7 years ago

      Completely agree - my by far biggest client long-term, I was initially hired to just do a couple of buttons for a website. Three years later, I'm doing ongoing product design and strategy work. You never know where projects will take you until you throw yourself out there (and projects that never will take you anywhere, you can quite easily distinguish after a short while.)

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