Designing Retina Web Graphics in Photoshop: Should You Work at 1x or 2x?(

over 6 years ago from Dan Rodney, instructor, web developer, designer

  • Tom Mayes, over 6 years ago

    Your article title is a question - not a statement - hence why so many people are weighing in with their opinion. Don't chew their heads off with a mistake you have made.

    I think the main point this post addresses is the shortcomings of Photoshop in the digital design space. Every 'problem' you have compared is non-existent in Sketch. And because you have mentioned in some of your reply comments that you "use Sketch whenever possible", it begs the question of why you would waste your time writing this article in the first place?

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    • Dan RodneyDan Rodney, over 6 years ago

      For better or for worse, tons of people use Photoshop to design websites. I wrote this article to help them out. If you use Sketch or something else that's great, this article isn't for you. That's OK. I wasn't trying to create a discussion about what is the best app to design in. I was just trying to give some helpful advice for people that design websites in Photoshop.

      I didn't mean to chew anyone's head off, but I will defend a viewpoint that I'm passionate about and believe in. I'm sorry if my rebuttals came off the wrong way. I didn't mean any offense. But when someone simply states their differing opinion with nothing to explain why, I don't think that adds anything constructive to the discussion, nor is it a convincing argument for their viewpoint. When someone presents clear reasons for one side of a topic, you can't just say, "well I disagree" and be surprised when they ask why. If they had valid counterpoints to back up that opinion, I wanted to hear them.

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      • Art VandelayArt Vandelay, over 6 years ago

        Being passionate about designing @2x is probably the biggest waste of "passion".

        Also - go ask people who implement your designs what they want before standing on a soap box spouting some shit.

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        • Dan RodneyDan Rodney, over 6 years ago

          Seriously, calm down dude. I'm a coder too and can implement any of my designs. I can work with any other developer and they'd have no problem within with me. And there's no need to swear and insult.

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