Am I trying to hire the wrong designer?

almost 7 years ago from Tobin Harris, Director at Pocketworks

  • Shina Memud, almost 7 years ago


    • Designers should code
    • Designers should talk to people on the street
    • Designers should know how to run a few collaborative design workshops

    ... and what does your glorious company offer this guy?

    BTW, I heard Jonathan Ive is open to offers but not sure if he has experience talking to people on the street.

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    • James Young, almost 7 years ago

      Your reply seems really angry but I can't figure out why.

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    • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, almost 7 years ago

      I think the job spec sounds completely reasonable.. They didn't mention code, but the other two things? Absolutely - design doesn't happen alone on the screen.. If you aren't open to the idea of some basic testing / validation, and workshops you may struggle to progress.

      No one is saying you must be testing expert, or workshop 'guru' (i hate that word) - but you should probably be open to it.

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      • Nicole AydëNicole Aydë, almost 7 years ago

        I think if the expectation is for novice level experience then it is reasonable. If they want someone to be good enough to be mentoring and exploring strategic use of research, then I think this should definitely be multiple roles. User testing is more than just asking people what they think about designs as is creating polished designs. It seems implicit that being polished, interactions, branding, and style would be accounted for.

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