Am I trying to hire the wrong designer?

almost 7 years ago from Tobin Harris, Director at Pocketworks

  • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 7 years ago

    If I understand, you are looking for strategy, user research, technical and UI design skills in one person. I think you will find it hard to find someone to have a good spread across those skills, not impossible but generally from my experience working in many contracts the type of person you are trying to hire is like gold dust. I would personally axe the last requirement of producing designs and look for a strong strategic thinker and communicator, or ditch the first requirement and look for an interaction designer or researcher with some or a lot of visual design skills. There are quite a few all-rounder user experience designers out there but they may not match the standard you are looking for in any one of the skills you desire.

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    • João RamosJoão Ramos, almost 7 years ago

      I fully agree with Gavin. You're looking at two different people here — even if you do find a person who fits most of those requirements, it would certainly be too much to handle and the outcome won't likely meet your expectations. I'd look for a UI or visual designer with experience in mobile (to tackle the last couple requirements) and a user experience designer to support that first role (and tackle the first couple requirements.)

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    • Tobin HarrisTobin Harris, almost 7 years ago

      Thanks Gavin

      I think it is actually more realistic to split the role out.

      From what you and many others have said, the expectations aren't unreasonable. It's just going to be harder to find.

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