Why I have no money to pay my rent today and what you can learn from it.(nextbigme.com)

almost 7 years ago from Jimmy Koli, Associate Creative Director

  • Jacqueline E, almost 7 years ago

    You sound depressed. The goals you've set are nice but they're distracting and will only push you further into depression when you inevitably don't reach them. Hitting your quota of coconut oil and tea everyday is not going to help you. Making your bed in the morning is not going to help you.

    You need to make money. That's the only thing you should be focused on. Take the inspiration you got from reading ToT and do something that's actually useful with it. Aggressively save, cut your expenses, pay off your debts, and, if you ARE a good designer, get a full time job. Even $14 an hour working at a print shop gets you one step closer to your goal of $20,000.00 a month. Do that until you figure out a side-hustle, then use the money you've saved to work on that.

    I wish you the best of luck...If all else fails, seek help. Really.

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