New 13" Macbook w/ Touchbar or Old 15" Macbook Retina for Designing?

over 6 years ago from Sandeep Sharma, Full-TIme User-Interface Designer

  • Sandeep SharmaSandeep Sharma, over 6 years ago

    Thanks for your reply! I would also like to know about 13" display. Apple says it is 67% brighter display compare to previous one. What's your thought?

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    • Paul HermannPaul Hermann, over 6 years ago

      Hey there, I got the 15" w/ TB and came from a 2012 13" non-Retina. The screen is really impressive in its color and also brightness yes. I don't use an external display anymore, as a main screen it's enough for me. Also the 15" is only marginally larger than the old 13" that I had before (and weighs less).

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    • Anton StenAnton Sten, over 6 years ago

      I came from a 15" Retina and I would definetly say this is brighter. The previous one I always had cranked up to 100% in brightness whereas the 13" is good at around 70-80%. (Same goes for LG 5k Display, I have it at 80% whereas the Thunderbolt was always at 100%).

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