Is working for an agency really so awful?

almost 7 years ago from Al M, Designer

  • Art VandelayArt Vandelay, almost 7 years ago

    Quick Answer: If you get to work at an agency, try large and small.

    I've done both and worked in-house. Loved agency work the most. Enjoyed the varied projects and I get to learn new things all the time because the projects require it.

    Big agencies are usually set in their ways, folks are more silo'd (they say specialized). Work sucks, IMO, at big agencies cause a lot of times the projects are just built to get the brand's money they've already been promised.

    Small agencies (where I'm at now), about ~20 people, is great. Employees have direct say on how the company moves through its lifetime and overall company goals.

    The last project I launched is becoming the "gold standard" for all TIME Inc publications and we're a ~20 person company. So to say there isn't a lasting impact in the agency world isn't always the truth.

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