Is working for an agency really so awful?

almost 7 years ago from Al M, Designer

  • liz o, almost 7 years ago

    I loved agency life in my early-mid 20s. it was extremely fast-paced, filled with intensely creative and passionate people, and there was a real bond with your coworkers when you were filled with a collective sense of desperation to please the client but produce amazing work at the same time.

    it also was an eye-opener to hierarchy and humility - you understood who was junior, who was senior, and that there was so much room to grow and learn. i wish all young designers went through agency life. i work in tech now and enjoy it immensely, but i think i appreciate the focus and pace more because of my agency experience.

    that being said - if you want to try something different, agency life will certainly fill that void! do it. focus on leadership and their vision, and you can always return to in-house later on. good luck!

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