We're Getting Rid of Comments on VICE.com(vice.com)

almost 7 years ago from Sam Solomon, Staff Product Designer at Salesloft

  • Joseph Decker, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    To take an example of a product that keeps on fighting this battle, twitch.tv — if there is any place on the web that has multi racist/crazy shouting every millisecond, it would be the live stream of Sodapoppin on twitch.tv.

    Not going in too many details regarding the channels, they do however continue their fight with real time filtering of the chats.. something similar might work just as well for Comments. They do however need to keep in mind that the replies should be filtered out as well, for missing the original context.

    The can make this algorithm "edgy", as seeing a comment on this thread, by letting the algorithm reply to the comment in a edgy but truthful matter. I believe this is an interesting opportunity, rather than filtering out/removing the content, a algorithm based on logical thinking would reply to the matter and leaving everyone out.

    Making it even more edgy, instantly spreading the comment written over the internet with the IP address and a nice facebook profile photo... lovely.

    What are you thoughts?

    ps, might be off topic *ps, never heard of Vice before this thread

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    • Art VandelayArt Vandelay, almost 7 years ago

      You're better off not hearing of VICE, IMO. It's cute "edgy news" for brooklynite, 20somethings, who don't believe in religion.

      It's not news, its opinion and more so entertainment. If they were news, they'd report both sides of every topic they cover.

      Do yourself a favor and watch Bob's Burgers over VICE any day (they do have a TV channel too)

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