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    I think it's important to read fiction as well. Unfortunately there aren't many books with the designers as a main protagonist except 2 novels by Chip Kidd - Cheese Monkeys Book 1 and Book 2.

    In the first book we are introduced on a college professor, Winter Sorbeck, who introduces the main character to graphic design. His monologues on differences between design and art, the importance of observation, and the history of design inspired me more than any design self-help book.

    Another novel which I really enjoyed is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. And before I get lynched over here for daring to recommend an author who serves as an advertising banner for republicans, let me just say that any book offers a point of view, what matters is what you take out of it. This book tells the story of two architects - one who struggles with creative integrity of his work and another one who craves social approval (read: dribbble likes). There is obviously a lot of side plots, characters and topics int his looooooong novel, as well as the introduction of the much critiqued Rand's Objectivism philosophy. But i guarantee you, as a creative person you will find a lot similar experiences main characters are going through in this book.

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