What does your design portfolio look like?

almost 7 years ago from Nick Bernian, Lets do this

  • Santi FoxSanti Fox, almost 7 years ago

    My portfolio is mainly based on my photography and videography/directing/editing work at santifox.com I'm running it on Cargocollective as I was invited years ago. It's been a good platform and really simple to upload content to. Not that good in making a stellar experience, but it works.

    Then I've been uploading my daytime work into Behance as it never really fit my portfolio in a good way.

    I've also started building a new site on http://visualsbysanti.a2hosted.com/semplice but it's really a work in progress and nothing is done on it. I keep building it and changing different things. Last night I worked on the navigation and remade it for the 5th time, also just trying to figure out how to make the best of it before hiring a developer to help me out in animating and making it into what I'd really like.

    It's an endless project really.... And it's tricky to add work that's UX/UI, Art direction, Photography and Video.. All different but made by the same person. Any help or review, please contact me through hello@santi.fi or twitter @thesanti or whatever :)

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