• Bernard Etheart, 7 years ago

    Slowdowns are almost always due to some malware or other misbehaving third party program. I doubt Sierra is the cause, as Apple is pretty good at supporting older hardware. Your best bet is to take your machine to the Apple store and ask the techs there to reinstall the Operating System (it's free). You are sure to see a big improvement in performance. However, you will have to reinstall all your apps. Make sure you backup your files before taking it there!

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    • Bilal MohammedBilal Mohammed, 7 years ago

      Exactly this was on my mind. Thanks for the reply Bernard! All my stuff is on Dropbox & iCloud. So hopefully a clean reset will help a bit.

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    • Rafael CondeRafael Conde, 7 years ago

      There's definitely no need for you to go to an Apple Store to fresh install a copy of macOS.

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    • Evgeny BeckerEvgeny Becker, 7 years ago

      "Apple is pretty good at supporting older hardware"

      In my opinion this only applies to MacOS. Tried to use an iPhone 5 few weeks ago, it was not possible because of the lags. The same case was the iPad 2

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