• Nye YarringtonNye Yarrington, 7 years ago

    Hi Meng, I had a quick look at your agenda and didn't see two topics that I would expect new developers to want to learn more about: dependency managers like CocoaPods, and modern backends like Firebase. What are your thoughts about those technologies? Thanks!

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    • Meng ToMeng To, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      I tried Cocoapods in an early version of the book (in the Objective-C days), but far too many readers were stuck at the installation process. Instead, I went on to create Spring, which only required users to drag and drop a folder. The framework would help beginners with simple tasks like simplified animations, back buttons, hex colors, etc that didn't come natively with Xcode.

      As for Firebase, to be fair, if I did include Parse at the time, it would be obsolete now. I think it's good to consider for the future. I'd like to avoid being reliant on a third-party tool. The book still cover useful topics such as APIs, delegates, NSUserDefaults (a way to store some data locally).

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