Help me let go of Apple

7 years ago from Todd Padwick, Founder of

  • Nemanja NenadicNemanja Nenadic, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    So company needs to revolutionize something every year or two for you to use their products?

    From reading this I'mg guessing your driving latest Tesla, eating Soilent and have Rumba cleaning your floors. This year atleast.

    We're extremely spoiled generation...

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    • Todd Padwick, 7 years ago

      Its actually the opposite Nemanja. I love the set up that I have had for years, and do not wish to change it. But if the audience I am designing for, is evolving, should I evolve with them to understand the problems I am tasked with solving. By the way, I have a 20 year old Honda, an iPhone 5c with a cracked screen and I use a dust pan and brush.

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