Help me let go of Apple

7 years ago from Todd Padwick, Founder of

  • Dana (dmxt)Dana (dmxt), 7 years ago

    I'm a designer and front-end developer, I used Windows since I was 3. I tried hackintosh, and it's unbearable. It doesn't have alternative tool such as and I couldn't live without it. I can't live without screenshot auto-upload with auto-clipboard with practically any image hosting or FTP hosting you want, I can't live without color-picker auto-copy HEX to clipboard and many other useful tools inside one tiny program. I tried to find an alternative on OS X and they're all garbage in comparison with ShareX.

    For design, of course, Adobe softwares support Windows and that's all what I need.

    For web-development, we have Brackets, Sublime, Atom, Notepad++ and other text editors.

    There's to use for terminal, it got all unix commands, syntax highlighting, supports gulp and other commandline softwares smoothly.

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