• Andy LeverenzAndy Leverenz, 7 years ago

    I'm in the same boat but for other reasons entirely. I'm building a PC to have the best of both worlds. My plan is to dual-boot Windows and OSX(or macOS?)(Hackintosh).

    The benefits of the PC/Hackintosh Combo:

    • Upgrading hardware is possible down the road. You don't have to opt in for the long haul like with most Macs that really only allow you to upgrade memory.

    • I currently run an iMac 27". I love it but I'm sick of the CPU being tied to the screen. A driving force behind my switch is to use a 34" curved display. Having hardware in your control is pretty sweet though it's crucial to choose compatible parts.

    • Considerably cheaper depending on your needs and comparison toward brand new Macs.

    • You can get some insane speeds and processing power with little know-how. I'm a novice when it comes to building computers but the internet is a hell of a resource.

    • Windows 10 is a big step in the right direction for Microsoft and is pretty sweet.

    Benefits of the Mac:

    • They just work. No need to troubleshoot as you would with a Hackintosh build.

    • No need to do tons of research to see if parts are compatible.

    • Macs are extremely dependable. I rarely have to reboot or get that hellacious blue screen of death as on a P.C.

    • Native apps like Sketch are available. PC users suffer in this department but Affinity is working on a Windows version of Affinity designer that I'm excited about.

    • Some development tools just run way better like Ruby on Rails.

    My suggestions:

    Keep your mac but run Windows 10 on it. Try out the ecosystem and see if you can work with it. You'll have to find other methods to execute your current workflow on a PC no doubt but I'd say its very much possible.

    Hope this helped spread some insight!

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    • Rob Carreno, 7 years ago

      awesome points! Im glad designers are opening up to windows, albeit there are drawbacks, the option to maybe run a xeon or a titan for heavy design is awesome.

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