Help me let go of Apple

7 years ago from Todd Padwick, Founder of

  • JE LS, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Don't let go… not yet. Changing platforms and migrating all your workflow shouldn't be decided on hunches or small disappointments.

    You need to perceive a really HUGE advantage to do so. Otherwise your time and productivity will fall for a time, only to find it wasn't that big of a deal.

    Do this: use an alternative product for a time. Even if you can, borrow it from a friend for a day or two. Talk/watch people that uses it everyday. Be prepared if the time comes, and never look back once you've made up your mind. But don't hurry either.

    YES: it is a bittersweet time to be a professional user of Apple products; but there are really good things too, and productivity is still a good reason to stay (what the heck, even IBM acknowledged this recently), for a while more at least. Not all of the alternative software to Adobe is on Windows right now. It may not be the right time to switch now. but it's important to keep an open mind, just in case.

    I intend to test the Surface Pro myself a bit more, though the Apple Pro with a superior Pencil experience is more of a temptation right now…

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