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7 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Asher SimondsAsher Simonds, 7 years ago

    Overall definitely underwhelming considering this was iterative vs. Microsoft's attack against the normal all-in-one.

    I do see everyone's comments around the ports and it does suck for ecosystem users that now have a disconnect (literally) between using their earpods with their iPhone and Mac, but I reaaaally love that Apple is embracing USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 as the standard. We need to get off the antiquated USB-A stuff and enjoy the one port to rule them all.

    Touch bar is cool but the argument is view & work vs view/work from a screen use perspective. It comes down to what feels more natural to you.

    I love my 12in Macbook for its 2lb, toss-in-the-bag profile. It can cover everything short of heavy motion/video work. If a docked MBP is your normal setup, I'd seriously consider your options.

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    • Chris Nordqvist, 7 years ago

      +1 for the 12".

      Got the m7 a couple of weeks back, haven't noticed anything it can't do (of my dev work) that my old 2012 quad-i7 could yet, and the portability is a game changer.

      Hopefully USB-C/TB3 accessories will drop in price a bit now that all the apple notebooks use it, good times.

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