Help me let go of Apple

7 years ago from Todd Padwick, Founder of

  • Doug HardesterDoug Hardester, 7 years ago

    What do you need or want changed? What do other products have that contributes to a better workflow and production? Are the features that look "cool" actually useful for work or fun? Etc. Etc.

    I think people need to look at questions like these before asking such a question.

    As far as my opinion – I think the Surface Pro looks great but there's absolutely nothing that would make me a better web designer and developer.

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    • Ryan Duffy, 7 years ago

      This is a wonderful answer. I agree completely, everyone is looking for something to revolutionize their workflow. It's 2016 guys, we're pretty deep in at this point. Automotive companies don't revolutionize their vehicles from year to year. They simply improve what's already there, because it works. How long did it take Tesla to show up?

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      • Ronnie JohnsonRonnie Johnson, 7 years ago

        I think comparing our industry to the automotive industry is a bit of a stretch. Technology has allowed us to leap in ways that were just not possible before.

        Likewise, to say that "we're pretty deep in at this point" because "it's 2016" is missing the point entirely. In my opinion, we're just scratching the surface.

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        • Ryan Duffy, 7 years ago

          I gave you a point because you were able to work in "scratching the surface". Nice one.

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          • Ronnie JohnsonRonnie Johnson, 7 years ago

            I do what I can do.

            this message brought to you by Microsoft Surface Studio | Powerful workstation designed for the creative process

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    • Noureddine AzharNoureddine Azhar, 7 years ago

      I feel the exact same way. I mean, it looks pretty cool and as a piece of it tech it seems really well thought out. But unless I was purely a digital artist / illustrator, moving to it will not change anything for me.

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      • Lewis Jacobs, 7 years ago

        This! I think people are missing the target market for the SS. It's for digital artist. As a designer that does a lot of illustrative work it appeals to me, but it's not offering me something I don't already have (MBP + Cintiq). The only reason I consider moving to Windows based computing is that it supports modular hardware and gaming.

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    • Todd Padwick, 7 years ago

      The digital world is evolving. So my considerations were that designers should be prepared to evolve with it. For example touch screen devices are used much more now then they were 5 years ago. Most of the products I design now, are mainly for users who spend more time on a touch screen device... so does that make me out of touch with them if I spend more time on a device that is not as tactile? I certainly don't go for gimmicks or just because they are on trend... this is something I have always avoided doing. I strive to find the right solution for every problem.

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