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7 years ago from Sam Solomon, Staff Product Designer at Salesloft

  • Josué Gutiérrez Valenciano, 7 years ago

    Microsoft is going for the market Apple doesn't care anymore: The creative high end. Amazing to see how Apple is now making the popular stuff for normal people and Microsoft is aiming for the professional market now. I will wait for the next generation with Kaby Lake and Pascal Nvidia GPUs so I can game more and design on this beauty. I feel sorry for the people that can only work on Mac just for Sketch, you are so limited by your tools that is almost sad. Instead i can work seamlessly between PC and Mac. I hope Sketch follows Affinity realizing that the high end creative and production stuff is going towards Windows. Apple is looking for profit only, MSFT revenue comes from different sources like Office and Xbox, so they can manage to create stuff like this to lead the path to other OEMs to follow.

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    • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 7 years ago

      Not just Office and Xbox. Azure, Loop, Flow, Band (Health services), Server, etc. They are bigger, and moving so rapidly now. It's pretty amazing.

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      • Josué Gutiérrez Valenciano, 7 years ago

        Absolutely, I love what their are focusing now. Windows Phone is a shame, but I prefer MS strategy about being everywhere, but "Apple for the Apple users" is annoying as a designer.

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    • Hamish TaplinHamish Taplin, 7 years ago

      "Apple is looking for profit only"

      Pretty sure Microsoft have an eye on their bottom line here too.

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    • JE LS, 7 years ago

      Hmmm.... Very productive tools are limiting?

      I think Microsoft has a REAL problem because very good alternative developers love making creative software for the Apple ecosystem and not for Windows… It's hindering the real migration of these profesionals to their "good" (yes, they're making good hardware) platform.

      Affinity hasn't released yet Affinity Photo. There is only a beta of Designer for Windows. Pixelmator is not there; Sketch neither. Or Tumult Hype for HTML5 animation. All of them EXCELLENT apps and not at all pricey.

      If you ask these developers, they will give real reasons why they feel comfortable not making any of their software for any other platforms.

      Microsoft should buy it's way out of this mess —¿maybe buy Affinity?—, only Adobe is committed to Windows. And that, my friend, is worrisome, whether you can admit it or not.

      Way back in the day, when Macs were better, people didn't migrate because they had so much more soft for their Win machines. That's coming with a vengeance for the creative market, only this time against Microsoft.

      And yes, I think Windows has gotten better, but it has still a lot of unnecessary complexity under the hood that makes you lose a LOT of time doing configuration and software maintenance for your machine.

      Sorry impressive hard like this are not making that much people to switch, but productivity and having much more software choices still matters a lot.

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