Images of New MacBook Pro With Magic Toolbar Leaked in macOS Sierra 10.12.1(

7 years ago from John Anzelc, Product & UX at iMeet Central

  • Jansen Tolle, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    This is cool and all, but as someone who uses the Macbook PRO as a mobile workstation I am more interested in enterprise features. Docking capabilities, strong hardware (particularly stronger discrete video), good heat management, and upgradability that is lacking. If Apple can't really bring that home I will be waiting at least one more year before I upgrade.

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    • Ethan BondEthan Bond, 7 years ago

      It's a leaked image, not a press release. Relax...

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      • Jason Burns, 7 years ago

        Considering this image came from system files within Sierra, I wouldn't expect the final product to be much different.

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    • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, 7 years ago

      Though Ethan is correct, its a leak not a press release, I agree. This is cool, but I am waiting for the specs of the machine. If the graphics card isn't upgraded, heat management, and agreed, upgradability, then I will have to buy an HP or something.

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    • Pedro Pimenta, 7 years ago

      Upgradability won't happen.

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