Du Haihang Portfolio(duhaihang.com)

7 years ago from Bertrand Bruandet, Designer@hypershoot.com

  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, 7 years ago

    If only it were that simple. What's the job of a portfolio site? Is it to be challenging to figure out how to get to the work? Is it to get a person to the work as quickly and simply as possible? A site can do the job it needs to while still being experimental and inspiring and beautiful, but if it sacrifices the core function in exchange, then it's not working. Finding the harmony in all these things is where design gets truly interesting, not in how unfamiliar it makes you feel.

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    • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, 7 years ago

      Perhaps being challenging to interact with is part of being experimental? Or maybe the designer isn't actively looking for work, hence this approach? And even if they are, maybe they're trying to target a specific kind of client that likes this kind of work?

      I don't think the site is even failing at it's core functionality. I can still scroll, the links work, there are hover states, and I'm even given instructions from the very start.

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