Du Haihang Portfolio(duhaihang.com)

7 years ago from Bertrand Bruandet, Designer@hypershoot.com

  • Tim SilvaTim Silva, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    The visuals and interactions are really impressive! I do agree with Joe that the navigation was a bit unclear at first. I still don't fully understand it to be honest. *Edit: A few minutes later. Oh I see! The landing page is a slideshow between the selected projects, and you can see the list of selected projects by scrolling down or dragged to the left.

    I think part of the challenge is that I don't know what to click on. I didn't know that the -a- link in the top-right corner would take me to the about page. Adding alt/title attributes to that element would be a subtle way to give a helpful hint. Might as well add them all over.

    Overall, I just wish I had those dev skills. :)

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