What's your ringtone?

7 years ago from Edvinas Bartkus, Co-founder of PlateCulture

  • David ThornDavid Thorn, 7 years ago

    Lot's of situations where it's rude or embarassing to have your phone ring and ring and ring. I'm not going to consciously remember to turn it to silent all the time.

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    • Tyreil PTyreil P, 7 years ago

      I thought for a second you might be this David Thorne. Do you get that a lot?

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    • Ray SensebachRay Sensebach, 7 years ago

      You guessed it. No watch or open office at the moment, I just hate being constantly bothered by a phone. Life is distracting enough, I find the tiny blinking light is enough to notify me.

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