• Isaac WeinhausenIsaac Weinhausen, over 6 years ago

    Old guy here. Been doing this for the last 15 years. While a bunch of you up-and-coming whipper-snappers are struggling with "imposter syndrome", us crusty old dudes can't sleep at night because our knee hurts and we feel like we're losing touch... With that said, here's my comment I posted on Omri's blog:

    "@Jeff Haha, remember MySpace? Business leaders and designers were actually starting to question if "Ugly Design" was a thing, and if maybe we should start adopting it. But then Facebook. THANK GOD. Can't wait to see what Snapchat's Facebook moment will be...

    What honestly worries me though, is losing touch with value. When Twitter came out, I ate it up— I LOVED IT. Many of my older friends were clueless, they simply could not understand what the draw was. I found myself evangelizing it to them, but to no avail. Now, just like Omri, I feel exactly like those older clueless friends when someone tries to get me to use Snapchat. I'm absolutely clueless about Snapchat. Why would anyone use this service when you could simply text, or go on twitter?

    I can force myself to learn new design patterns and new design trends, but how the hell do I force myself to value something, or how do I force myself to understand someone else's perceived value of some new thing? That scare's me shitless, because as a product designer, if you can't figure out what's valuable to someone, then you gotta pack your bags and head home. Yes I know, doing your homework and user research is key and will help, but it can go only so far. There's a point at which you feel like you're on the outside, and that feeling terrifies me."

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    • Giovanni HobbinsGiovanni Hobbins, over 6 years ago

      Snapchat's value might only be apparent to the youngest app users but that doesn't mean you can't find value in products that appeal to other age groups. Look at spotify, waze, etc - their value is much broader. I don't think you should pack your bags when you don't get the latest things the kids are doing. The world is a much larger place.

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