Ask DN: Where are all the UI engineers?

over 7 years ago from Mattan Ingram,

  • Joshua ButnerJoshua Butner, over 7 years ago

    "CSS is declarative, so it should be easy and anyone can do it. And while we're at it design is just making things 'look good.'"

    This is the message I've received loud and clear from 99% of the people looking for my help over the 11 years I've been web-working. Can you hear how salty I am?

    Honestly, like others have said, if there was more demand for people with a focus on these skills, you'd find them. But as it stands everyone wants an expert in some other domain who will at some point "just handle" the CSS.

    On your end, limiting yourself to local-only possibilities isn't doing you any favors, as well.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      I hear you and share similar salinity levels, I will be talking to my team about remote positions.

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