• Peter Hartree, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    I'n working on a Gmail extension for Chrome. [1]

    The extension aims to reduce exposure to new messages (aka distracting triggers) when working with Gmail. It does this by hiding your inbox by default. There's also a timed lockout feature which can help you develop better inbox checking habits.

    I made this for my own use last autumn, but I've returned to it this summer. Aside from the satisfaction of helping users, I'm enjoying working on this simple side project because it lets me run through a complete product design, development and distribution cycle, a process I've previously only experienced parts of (I normally play a technical role). The rate of learning has been pretty high.

    I've done 5 weeks full time equivalent on this so far; the extension now has ~ 150 DAU.

    [1] https://inboxwhenready.org

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