Thunderbolt Display Replacement?

over 7 years ago from Justin Lancaster, UI/UX Product Designer

  • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Apple is investing a lot of time into pushing color management in displays beyond sRGB. They brought that technology to the 2015 iMac and I expect it'll eventually make it's way to the phones. If you want to hear a deep dive in this, Craig Hockenberry, creator of Twitterrific talked all about it.

    Also, if and when they ever update the Mac Pro, I really can't picture them saying, "Just go buy a Dell display."

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    • dave fdave f, 7 years ago

      Right, it's now "Just go buy a LG display"

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      • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, 7 years ago

        Well yes for laptops, but they still haven't updated the Mac Pro. Can you honestly picture them bundling that LG display with a new Mac Pro?

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