Thunderbolt Display Replacement?

over 7 years ago from Justin Lancaster, UI/UX Product Designer

  • Raul Rincon, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I've been seriously drooling on that display since you posted it. And the price isn't bad at all either. so sexy. Thanks for posting the link! :).

    Also, some pointers: UWQHD is 3440x1440 4K is 3840x2160

    Between UWQHD and 4K is QHD+ which is 3200x1800

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    • Peter DeltondoPeter Deltondo, over 7 years ago

      My biggest recommendation is to go to the store and plug in and see what you like. I found the LG's to be the best calibrated out of the box (still haven't touched the settings), whereas the Dell's couldn't differentiate well with shadows and white/light grays. There's a lot of great options out there, but once you go with an ultra-wide you won't go back.

      I thought the curve was gimmicky at first, but after testing the flat, it's needed. The flat is so wide that is blurs in your peripheral vision and the color accuracy dips at the edges of the screens. The curve is just subtle enough to fix all those issues and your brain adjusts after 15 mins. It's weird at first, but you'll love it in the end.

      Best of luck on whatever you choose!

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      • John Jacob, over 7 years ago

        Does the curve bother you when working? I've read that some people don't like that horizontal lines get distorted by it.

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        • Peter DeltondoPeter Deltondo, over 7 years ago

          It's odd for about 15 mins and then your brain adjusts, I honestly don't even notice it anymore it feels totally natural. It was a huge concern for me too before purchasing, and initially got the flat one. But for the reasons I posted earlier, I returned it for the curved. You've always got your laptop screen to drag the artboard over to if you REALLY felt the need to check it.

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